Do I Need a Wine Stopper?


Do I Need a Wine Stopper?

If you tend to drink wine with a cork, you can re-use the cork that came with the bottle. However, it is sometimes difficult to get the wine cork back into the bottle. In the event that this happens to you, having a spare wine stopper around will come in handy. It’s also good to have one as a backup plan in case the cork falls apart while you are removing it from the bottle.

Will a Wine Stopper Prevent My Wine From Going Bad?

If a bottle of wine is open too long, let’s say overnight, the wine might start to go bad. The wine will not hurt you, it will simply taste less pleasant.

Wine stoppers, regardless of type, primarily serve to minimize the amount of oxygen entering the bottle after the wine bottle is open (as exposure to too much oxygen will cause the wine to lose flavor and aroma). Most wine stoppers will not stop wine from coming out of the bottle if you lay it on its side in a refrigerator or cabinet. Some wine bottle stoppers, like the Repour Wine Saver , are designed to absorb oxygen when one desires to savor an expensive wine over weeks or months.


What kind of bottle stoppers you shall use for different bottles?

Dry Wine or semi dry wine bottle stopper

this kind of wine should prevent wine body from air once it was opened, then, a vacuum bottle stopper is recommended for you. Here's a typical vacuum stopper, easy to use, what you need is to put it and on the bottle mouth and push the air out and make the bottle vacuum, no air, no corruption, it can keep you rest wine preserved for at least a week. Please remain don't lay the bottle down when you put the stopper on.

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 Champagne Stopper

If you got an unfinished champagne, you can choose our champagne stopper, which has a locker designed for it, which can prevent inner bubbles pop out.

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