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PTZER Champagne Bottle Stopper Sparkling Sealer with Locker

PTZER Champagne Bottle Stopper Sparkling Sealer with Locker

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Keep Freshness

PTZER reusable champagne bottle stopper has good airtightness and can prevent the loss of bubbles and maintain freshness for days.


The inner plug is made of 3 tier food-grade silicone that closely fit the bottleneck. Therefore, this champagne stopper has a good leak-proof performance.

High Compatibility

The compact size of this champagne stopper makes it easier to store, and can be compatible with most types of champagne bottles, sparkling wine bottles with an inner diameter 18mm to 19mm (0.708 inches to 0.748 inches).

Rotation Lock

PTZER sealed champagne stopper uses a 'Twist Lock Design'. Just twist the upper part of the champagne stopper to the locked position to completely lock the champagne stopper on the bottle neck.


Color Black
Material Silicone
Special With Locker
Shape Round



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Gift for

Any single purchases with amount above $9.9 will be packaged together a Lockable bottle stopper as a gift, which has limited number, so, please be quick.

This stopper is suitable for most of the bottles, beer, champagne and beverage bottle, it has a locker set, when you use it for any drinks with bubbles, the locker will tightly lock the bubbles inside.