How to Preserve whisky?

My friend just visited my home and give me a bottle of XO as a gift, which is little bit expensive, we drank half of bottle at dinner, and how to preverve the rest of the Whiskey? Do you have any ideas?

The rest empty part is full of air, that is the biggest enemy to properly save the favor of whiskey, I need to pump it out and leave it a vacuum environment constantly.

What we can get the stoppers from market usually can keep liquor inside away from air about 5~7days, what if I forgot to re-vacuum it? Of course, the whiskey will most likely go corrupt.

PTZER electric bottle vacuum stopper can perfectly solve this problem, because it is monitoring all the time for vacuum, excessive air percentage will trigger its air pumping, therefore,  unless the batteries ran out, it will be working constantly, that means, your whiskey's freshness is guarding by this guarder, all the time.

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