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PTZER Cooling Stone for Wine Whisky Beer and Beverage, Stainless Steel

PTZER Cooling Stone for Wine Whisky Beer and Beverage, Stainless Steel

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why stainless steel ice cubes?

Looking for wine chiller?Traditional ice cubes will inevitably melt, destroy the taste, have peculiar smell, and can’t be reuse. Stainless steel wine chiller ice cube can help you solve these problems. Quietly stay in the freezer and serve you when you need it. Won’t impact any favour of your drink. Each ice cube has an independent grid, which is convenient for storage and easy to carry when going out.


Retain the original flavor of the drink to the greatest extent, especially the wine, let the aroma roll in the mouth, mellow and rich. Always keeps the natural tastes of your drinks. Also used for body cooling, such as Fever, swelling, toothache can be relieved with reusable ice cubes to do cold compress. Used for multiple purposes, very cost-effective.

Health and safe

Stainless steel ice cubes surface is polished, corners are rounded and smooth, Easy to clean. Metal whiskey stones are odorless, non-porous, dishwasher safe and will never rust, which are made of food-grade 304 stainless steel and frozen liquid. Furthermore, Prevent accidental swallowing Design 27mm size.

Wrapping happiness, delivering emotion

Prefect wine chiller gift set that everyone needs, men, women and children, spend chilling time with reusable ice cubes. At parties, birthdays and events, entertain guests with luxurious reusable ice cubes that show your lifestyle in the little details.A Gift That Can't Go Wrong at Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Gift.

All application scenarios required

Using instant wine chiller, take a cold drink, feel sensation when it hits a spot at the back of throat. Just lay back for a while, Veshine will keep your chill to the longest. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor, with a combination of gold and silver.


Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Special Chiling
Shape Cube



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Gift for

Any single purchases with amount above $9.9 will be packaged together a Lockable bottle stopper as a gift, which has limited number, so, please be quick.

This stopper is suitable for most of the bottles, beer, champagne and beverage bottle, it has a locker set, when you use it for any drinks with bubbles, the locker will tightly lock the bubbles inside.