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PTZER Bins Can Dispenser Bins 2-layer Automatic Rolling Refrigerator Organizer

PTZER Bins Can Dispenser Bins 2-layer Automatic Rolling Refrigerator Organizer

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Gravity sliding and Large capacity

Angled shelves keep items rolling to the front by gravity so that the cans will roll down from the top shelf to the bottom more quickly and easily to access and will consume the items based on first in first out theory, just simply refill cans on the top shelf.Can hold a total of 12 soda cans.

Space saving Design

The refrigerator organizer is designed for maximizing storage while using the least amount of space to solve can clutter and keep your refrigerator, freezer or pantry neatly organized.

Clear Material easy to access

These fridge can organizer have rounded bottom and the non-slip ridges prevent the cans from falling and keep staying stable. The sheer plastic material allows you see clearly inside and the top shelve is sturdy and load-bearing for heavy cans.

Neat and Organized

Our can organizer can be used in many places, not just in refrigerators but also for pantry shelves,cabinets and countertops. Ideal storage for soda, beer, and other same types of canned food.

Durable and Sturdy

These Refrigerator Organizer Binsare made of premium BPA-free durable PET plastic that is safe for food storage and easy to clean, its strong construction and shatter-resistant character offering long-term durability.

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Gift for

Any single purchases with amount above $9.9 will be packaged together a Lockable bottle stopper as a gift, which has limited number, so, please be quick.

This stopper is suitable for most of the bottles, beer, champagne and beverage bottle, it has a locker set, when you use it for any drinks with bubbles, the locker will tightly lock the bubbles inside.