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PTZER Electric Wine Aerator and Poure Swiftable Quick Decanter, Black

PTZER Electric Wine Aerator and Poure Swiftable Quick Decanter, Black

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Pumps air into the bottle to promote aeration and 8x more surface area oxidation than traditional funnels. The dual suction and infusion system even leave sediment behind, saving you from the painstaking task of decanting.


Electric Wine Aerator make you $20 taste like $40 wine- Double the value of the wine you drink by using this aerator wine pourer! Aerate and oxidize with one button to soften tannins and enrich your wine for a luxurious taste.


Lockout air with the airtight rubber seal and preserve your favorite wine longer. The automated bottle breather with a Non-spill and Non-splash spout pours 1.2 oz every 2 sec, ensuring the optimum taste almost immediately.


①With Micro USB cable for recharging.Built-in battery, be able to serve 30 bottles of red/white wine (750 ml) when fully charged. ②high quality&no noise design ③Food-grade stainless steel extension tube, It can be used for any wine bottle because it has a universal fit that attaches to all wine bottle types.


Self-cleaning device. tubes into clean water and press the button, finish cleaning when the water becomes clean, Safe, and simple.
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This stopper is suitable for most of the bottles, beer, champagne and beverage bottle, it has a locker set, when you use it for any drinks with bubbles, the locker will tightly lock the bubbles inside.